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Sweet Compassion !

April 5, 2011

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a surprise party for Rita Gregory a long time employee at North Bend Safeway.  It was wonderful seeing the compassion all the co-workers and bosses have for this wonderful lady. The night was a  Hawaiian themed event,  as a send off for her departure to  lovely Maui, Hawaii for a vacation with her sisters.  She has had a long struggle with cancer and  now once again she continues her battle.  Yet, she remains positive in the midst of her battle. She is loved by all her fellow workers and most of them consider her a “mom”.  Emotions ran high last night as they presented her with a huge amount of “LOVE” and  generous gift of money, so she will really enjoy her trip ! She was so appreciative and was filled with emotion over this overwhelming Gift of Love !  I was very impressed with the unity that all of these workers have and know that Rita will not be alone in her fight. My daughter works at this store, so I put my creativity to work and helped her by decorating palm tree cookies,  that she had baked . Made some cute floral tags and packaged each one in a cellophane bag tied with green curly ribbon. They added a great touch to this special night.

Aloha Rita !!!

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