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What’s your idea for Valentine’s day ? Here’s a cute one for you to try!

February 2, 2011

I happen to “LOVE” Valentine’s day and giving those special people a little something to say “I LOVE YOU”  It doesn’t have to be diamonds or flowers,  just a little something special just from you, preferably homemade. At least that’s the way I roll : ). This cute little ice cream cone is just so much fun and adorable. I found this idea in one of my magazines and thought the idea was so sweet. I first made these to donate to a Breast Cancer Awareness  bake sale sponsored by North Bend, Wash. Safeway. They were the first things to sell!  I think the possibilities are endless with these little gems. In this photo I made the meringue cookies because I couldn’t find them in the store. That makes them a bit more time consuming but, if you can find them at the grocery store they are so simple. Sugar cones, cookies, chocolate chips (melted for adhering cookies to cone), of course my imagination goes wild, so here are a few other ideas:

1. Scoop rice krispy treats with a round ice cream scoop ; adhere to cone with chocolate; let dry ; dip krispy treat part in white or colored chocolate; add a few Valentine sprinkles.

2. 2 Chocolate marshmallow cookies (store bought) adhered to cone will look like a chocolate dipped cone !

3. 2 Coconut marshmallow topped cookies (store bought) , will make a adorable cone.

4. I love detail so packaging in clear cellaphane bags, tying with curly ribbon, add a homemade tag, and  there you have it the perfect sweet for your sweetie!<3


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